Partners in Education

 Our Partners In Education program will allow businesses and organizations to make significant contributions to our schools by donating time, expertise, materials and funds. Partners in Education is a cooperative agreement between a business or an organization with our school. The partnership is a two-way street. The community partner contributes to the welfare of the school, its students, and its staff. Typical areas of service include dedicating time, materials, and financial resources to benefit the school. We are grateful for the priceless contributions our Partners in Education make to our students and staff members. Each Year, will recognizes an outstanding volunteer, as well as a Partner In Education who goes above and beyond to support a school.
Research shows that partnerships:

  • Improve quality of life and community stability

  • Extend learning opportunities for all

Who can participate?

  • All types of businesses; examples include banks, restaurants, real estate agencies, and retail stores, utility companies, production plants.

  • Civic clubs and other service and volunteer organizations as well as faith-based organization.

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Children's Playground



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Auditorium Floor

Auditorium floor

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