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School Age

Ages 5 -12

We welcome children ages 5 - 12 years old during summer, before and after school. Through the before and after school program your child has the opportunity to expand their learning while being social with their peers. RKA covers morning care, until the bus takes your child to school, and afternoons from the end of school until 6pm.   Summers are full of sensational  activities and experiences  they wont forget. In any given week, children in our programs might be exploring science, STEAM activities, art projects, group games, and even creating magic in our theater area. At RKA there is no time to be bored and friendship and laughter are guaranteed. Parents are kept informed of the daily activities and fieldtrips through our summer calendars on the ProCare app and in the calendars section of the website. 

kids looking at fish
Kids Running
Kids Drawing

Imaginative Play

Outdoor Play

Art Lessons

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